Catherine V Graham is an abstract artist, born and based in the New York Metro area.  Graham is interested in the study of ancient civilizations, while puzzling what the future world holds, and harmonizes these dichotomies in her formal geometric, yet subtly mysterious works.   

Graham's artwork is process based.  The process very often begins with drawn studies of the motion and shape of structures within nature; the studies are based upon scientific references such as molecular biology, quantum physics, and the golden ratio.  These studies evolve as volume and mass are played with, as color is added, and lastly as the composition is transferred to its final substrate.  The work reaches its final evolution just as the painting portion of the process begins; and her use of layered acrylic and oil paint heightens the tension between flat and dimensional, and metallic and saturated color.

Graham’s work has been exhibited at Union Art Center, Hopper House, RoCA, Lehman College Gallery, and SVA Chelsea Gallery.  Graham is a New York State Certified Art Teacher with a M.A. in art education from the City University of New York, Lehman College, and a BFA in fine arts, with a minor in art history from the School of Visual Arts.